Spinal Stenosis- Treatment and Causes

Spinal Stenosis is the abnormal narrowing of a Spine. The spine runs from the base of the skulls and extends into the tail bone known as Coccyx. It is composed of small bones known as vertebrae. Each vertebrae is connected with one another by facet joints and there is a cushion between each vertebrae, which helps to absorb shocks and saves spine from friction.

In patient with spinal stenosis, the spaces within the spinal canal becomes narrow and puts pressure on nerves that travels throughout the body, causing pain and numbness.


Degeneration of spine is a natural phenomena of our body. As, we get older our bones and joints becomes weak and become more prone to injuries. Natural aging causes changes in spine which can cause stenosis. Some common causes includes:

Osteoarthritis: Osteoarthritis can causes the development of bony spurs which contribute to narrowing of the spinal cord.

Herniated Disc: Spinal discs become dry with age. As a shock absorber, discs are full of fluid and with age, the discs loses its fluid and become dry. It causes cracks in spine and spinal cord herniates from inside.

Trauma: Trauma from falls or accidents can cause fractures and dislocation and can damage the contents of spinal canal, causes swelling in tissues that can place pressure on nerves.

Tumors: Abnormal growths such as tumors can form inside the spinal cord and it can cause injury to nerve and put pressure on tissues.

Chiropractic Treatment for Spinal stenosis

A Chiropractor can help your spine to maintain alignment and as a result your body can function properly. In patients with spinal stenosis, the compression on spinal nerves and narrowing of spinal canal can inhibit nerve pathways.

First, A chiropractor will diagnose the causes of spinal stenosis. A series of medical imaging will be performed including:

X-rays to check for osteoarthritis, bony spurs and narrowing of spinal canal.

A computed tomography (CT) for a detailed image of spine.

Medical resonance imaging (MRI) to view the spinal cord and nerves.

A chiropractor will thoroughly examine your medical history before your treatment. Once a chiropractor has diagnosed the cause of your pain, they will apply spinal adjustments to release extra pressure by restoring range of motion.

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